Key Themes:

The Supply Chain 4.0 Summit has been designed to facilitate open discussion and networking for supply chain, procurement, logistics and technology industry experts from industries looking to digitise and transform their supply chain through emerging technologies.

They will come to:

Hear how emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things, AI, collaborative robotics, self-driving trucks, drones and blockchain will completely disrupt and transform supply chains
Get a clear understanding of the strategies and building blocks for digital supply chain success
See how connected, intelligent, responsive, and predictive supply chains enable companies to drive customer-centric processes and personalised products
Hear how to create collaborative supply networks and better manage product lifecycles
Learn how to manage information and processes simultaneously across the extended supply chain
Gain strategies to break down silos and integrate supply chain business units to drive efficiency and capability
Hear how to overcome technology integration and interoperability challenges
Learn how to find, recruit and train the right talent to drive supply chain transformation